Life Coaching

Are you trying to overcome life challenges or make a change to your life? If your answer is Yes, then you may need a life coach. 

Our life coaching services offer exceptional one-to-one sessions that will help you define your goals and positively change your life. 

Individual Therapy

Looking for a therapist? Opt for our individual therapy sessions. All sessions are affordable, and confidentiality and anonymity is guaranteed.

Family Therapy

There is no better way to turn around your family relationship than family therapy. You and your therapist can talk about the most difficult conversations. A happy family is a strong family.

Couple's Therapy

If you are getting married, trying to resolve conflicts, or want to strengthen your romantic relationship, we offer couple's therapy that will suit your needs. 

School Counseling

Do you own a school and need the services of a guidance counselor? Then mental massage is the right place to employ the services of a counselor. 

Our educational counselors can travel to your school for any of your needs.

Career Counseling

Doing something you love feels like you are not working at all! 

Engage the services of our career counselors today to help you evaluate your skills, improve your interview performance and help you land your dream job anywhere in the world. 

Please note that we are not a job agency. We only arm you with the skills and expertise needed to land and suceed in a role.

Group Counseling

We do not only offer individual therapy, if you are a group and need a therapist to coordinate your meetings or engage in group therapy, Mental Massage got you covered.

How do we offer our services?

Online Therapy

Contact us to book an appointment today

In office Therapy

Our office is currently under construction, office sessions will start in December, 2024

Our Approach

At Mental Massage, we understand that seeking therapy can be a significant step towards personal growth and healing. We recognize that no two individuals are the same, and their experiences and challenges are unique. That's why we have adopted a Solution-Focused Therapy approach, which empowers our clients to build better futures by identifying and amplifying their existing strengths and resources.